When planning a catering event, the two important things to remember are, the choice of meal and the budget. At The Country Diner, rather than prepared menus, we let you exercise the option of telling us what you would like to spend and what you would like to have. We can then offer it to you by price or by menu.

We also do party trays a la carte. When it comes to meal options, your selections are limited only by your imagine. We specialize in buffets for on or off premise events, from set up through breakdown. Our food is delivered in thermal insulated hot boxes so that your hot food stays hot and your cold food stays cold.

For our BBQ menu, we smoke our meat on the premises. We also have the freshest selection of sauces including, Memphis, Mississippi, St. Louis, Carolina, El Diablo and Louisiana Hot & Spicy.

Our flexibility ranges from hot dog parties all the way up to weddings and everything in between. We even do pig roasts! So the next time you're planning an event, The Country Diner will work with you to make it a success!