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Joe's Smoke Pit - Authentic BBQ

The best way is enjoy a great BBQ is step by step!

Step 1 - Choose your Rub!

True BBQ starts with the rub. The rub is a combination of spices designed to enhance the flavor of the beef, pork or chicken being smoked. At the Country Diner, we’ve researched and chosen the best barbecue spice profiles from the best regions in the United States and are offered to you right here in Enfield, Connecticut!

Step 2 - Choose your Meat

Whether you prefer baby back ribs, smoked half-a-chicken, smoked turkey breast, smoked beef brisket, beef ribs or Italian sausage, come in and change up the rub and the sauce and you'll never get the same meal twice!

Step 3 - Choose your Sauce

The final piece is the sauce. True barbecue is not meat slathered in sauce. It is meat that is dipped in sauce and meant to augment the flavor rather than mask the effect of the wood smoke and seasoning. Our meat is served naked with your choice of one of the following:


Carolina Tangy – Sweet & tangy mustard based sauce w/ smokey boldness of BBQ
Mississippi Honey- Sweet honey based sauce with a light touch of smoke
Louisiana Hot & Spicy – A full bodied blend of heat, sweetness & tangy tomato
St. Louis Original – Rich, tangy tomato base with an even balance of spices
Memphis Sweet – Rich & tangy sweetness with a bold blend of spices.
El Diablo – Our version of the louisiana hot & spicy. It's the sauce that bites you back!

Now that you've been schooled, let's get to the good stuff!



Masterpiece Ribs! 

Served with a corn muffin, and any two side dishes.


The Country Diner ribs are seasoned with our special dry rub and smoked to perfection. You can request them “naked” or add to these masterpieces by having any one of the above sauces accompany your order. Our sauces have been specially chosen for you and will certainly tantalize and tease your taste buds, having them yell for more! (additional sauces 1.75 serving).

Country Classics


All of our country classics, as our ribs, are made from our own “in house" smoked meats and served with a corn muffin, choice of bbq sauce and any two side dishes. 


Big Joe’s “Belly Bustin” Sandwiches


Our heaping sandwiches are served on a bakery fresh roll with hand cut fries, cole slaw, pickle and your choice of bbq sauce. 

Country Smoked Combinations


Served with a corn muffin, two side dishes and choice of BBQ sauce.


Side Dishes
 (Pick any two sides with dinner)

Additional sides $2.75 each

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~ Please, No Plate Sharing. Thank You~

Takeout available